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Dreams provides mentoring, spiritual and emotional encouragem­ent so that you can move forward with confidence and clarity into your destiny!  


Everyone has unique abilities, skills, innate desires, dreams and passions that once revealed can propel you into a complete and fulfilled life.  No matter what your circumstances are or where you come from, what nationality or belief system you have you will have dreams and sometimes you need a little help to figure out what they mean and just how to go about putting legs on your goals and passions in life.


There are  many different ways to do this and while we specialise in Dream Interpretation and training others to interpret their dreams we  have found that  these other options on the Menu below are incredibly helpful too.


Spiritual Encounters

True Reflections

Name Readings

Spiritual Insights

Dream Building

Spiritual Alignment



Please feel free to contact us  at dreams@xtra.co.nz or go to our website www.dreams.org.nz