How To Apply


Please send an email (not a text PDF) to: if you had a stall last year, you generally will receive an invitation for this year. If you are a new applicant, include the following information in your email. Local artists selling their self-produced wares are preferred. Imports are generally declined.


First and most importantly: Picture of stall/Picture of products (not a website link)

I would like to apply for a Food/Craft Stall for the upcoming Grey Lynn Park Festival. I want to sell my wares which are: self-produced my own design, but produced overseas part imported, part self-produced self-produced from imported ingredients I create ceramic teapots, mugs, cups/saucers and ceramic ornaments. I have my own pottery and have been producing ceramic homewares since 2006. History of Trade: Whitianga Craft Day...

(Copy and paste into return email)

Items for sale:  teapots, mugs, cups/saucers and ceramic ornaments

Percentage of goods handmade BY ME: ____ %

Trading Name: Best product ever

Name: Christian name, surname (We work/ search via email and second name!)

Address: Number, street

Suburb: Waitara

Town: Taranaki

Phone: 09777777

Mob: 0219999999999

Email (Always use this address, We work/ search via email and second name!)



We then send you an application form. PAYMENTS: Our account is: 123022036142551. Any payment needs to be with reference of your second name / search number and a notice (reply of invitation) send to my email to let me know you paid. Craft: Payments can only be made by direct debit/(bank) cheque. No Cash or Post Office Orders. We are required to charge GST on all stall fees.

Craft stall fees incl. GST are: Single stalls (3 x 3 meters) $170. Double stalls (6 x 3 meters) $340. Corner stalls (only 3m x 3m) $215. Doubles cannot be part of corners.

Food stalls are charged a non-refundable deposit by negotiation AND 15% of total turnover, MINUS deposit one week after the festival (Direct deposit or cheque to post box). Foodstalls need to attach a mobile trading health certificate (attach to email) or fill out council requirements. (Example: $300 - deposit, $3000 turnover = $450 - (15%) rent - $300 deposit = $150.- to pay a week later). Limited power sites are available. State the plug you need and how many amps you use. We then review your application. To fulfill Council / MPI health reulations, you need to:

Hold a food act 2014 registration or a condormation of application or contact Auckland council and MPI for an exemption of registration due to a one day trading activity or a charitable activity less than 20 days for an annual year.

Once accepted, we send a STALL HOLDER PERMIT with a stall number included. Please stick to selling goods listed on the form. No on-selling/sharing of space allowed without written permission from the Stall Organiser. You are in, when you have paid as advised and received a permit. RECEIPTS: Your original stall permit is also your GST receipt. FEELING REJECTED? We are sorry for disappointing those who do not get a stall this year. Please remember we are a small organisation. There are no rights of participation. We will do our best to help provide sites for as many as we can whilst maintaining a good balance between commercial and community interests. BEFORE APPLYING PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO RAIN DATE IF CIRCUMSTANCES CAUSE CANCELLATION. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON STALLS ONCE BOOKED