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Please check this web page frequently. Except for the posted application form and the permit I answer your questions HERE. If you email us (WITH THE EMAIL ADDRESS ON YOUR APPLICATION FORM): stallorganiser AT - please include your STALLNUMBER and NAME.

All stall invitations were sent out. 

And have a look at our new website. The featured stalls look fantastic and cost only 20 $ more.

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Stallorganiser's Digest

New, local handcraft and glorious ideas always welcome! Give it a go. send in your idea to:

Last year we had great comments from those who took up the offer of us featuring links from our website to your stall and products. You can be part of this great project for an extra $20 on your normal stall fee. This year we've put in more help for people to find your stall at the festival with our new map app and make their purchase on the day or online. FOR YOU: -We have 25 years history in organising this Festival. -We limit the stalls of too many similar items sold. (NOT having 10 soap stalls) -We'll reserve you a specific spot if possible. -We'll invite you via existing data you've provided. -We try to help by not putting another stall with similar products near to you. -We try to exclude importers, and favour NZ made goods. -Weather permitted, foodstalls will have a long queue for most of the day. -We try to do better, if our festival is not the best one in your calendar. But please be patient. We cannot answer every enquiry immediately. If you are a regular stallholder, you are generally accepted. Don't worry.. We cannot see how a rain date is possible. It could rain two weeks in a row. It is not easy to see how we would meet the costs and logistics of booking entertainers, services, stallholders from out of town and the helpers for two separate dates. Our policy has been to maintain a low rent for many years and take our chances with the weather.

Please ALWAYS use the same email for inquiries (the one printed on the invitation is best). We work/ search via email and second name! Gate is open from 06.30 until 09.00. ON THE DAY IT HELPS IF YOU: Come at the allocated time. Show your invitation at the gate. Once in the park show your map to the helpers or orientate yourself following the ABCDE signs. We stagger the arrival time, your neighbour comes one hour later to give you more space to unpack. Please park close to your stall and keep the middle of the path free! Then proceed to the carpark as shown. If there are any suggestions or requests, please don't hesitate to send them to us. Any reasonable wishes we try to accommodate. But please realise that this is one of the biggest festivals in the country, run by the smallest organising team. Try to keep communications short, with your name/ email as a reference. Application forms will be send out around JUNE. A hint to the arrival time: If there isn't one on your form, you come as you please within the given time frame. Please don't phone the Council about this festival. They have nothing to do with the stall organisation. First-timers please read the instructions for arrival. If everyone knows what to do, there will be no queue at the entrance. Questions will be answered by the man in the red overalls. And remember: Please don't extend your stall beyond the 1 foot rule. Happy trading. - Stall Organiser

2018 maps below – updated 2019 maps COMING SOON. 


Market Field

Upper Field