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  Just released: The GLPF 2014 Android app (beta)!

He mihi mahana ki a koutou, E nga mate, haere, haere, haere atu ra. Nau mai haere mai Festival 2014.

Start planning your floss we are 30 years old this year and planning for a great Birthday Party in the Park. Get your swag on but don’t plan on getting hamstered!

Last year we ran a survey and got heaps of feedback on what an amazing experience people had at the Festival. We are not covered in advertising signs, we are not socking the pocket. We are loving the art, music, smiles, food, and fun that our participants share together at the Festival.

Love the Earth, Love You, Smokefree, Be Mindful of Planet Litter, Balance your Drugs and Alcohol, Achieve Your Best, Have Fun, Find Kind, Celebrate Our Community, He Aha Te Mea Nui, Ole a le Mea e Auptio Ona Tuua, The Power of You.

Ponsonby News - Nov 2014 article online:


Poster 2014:


We are looking forward to our crew Kate Burke, Hans Heumann, Roger Bannan, Junior Toko, Sia Toko, Ritchie Sims, Brent McConachy, Robyn Ford, Becky Brittain, Marjorie Cox, Kelly Sawden, Rebecca Topp, Sally Swedlund, Johann Bernhardt, Sam Smersh, Greg Moyle, Shale Chambers, Chris Winter, Ali & Melai Lakana, James Vissers, Debs Loverington, Chris & Dian Moat, Sebastian, Zorah, Sam Anderson, Lisa Barben, Pacific Elvis and all the others who make it happen.

Anyone who wants to be part of the crew next year, get in touch. or snail mail:
PO Box 78251, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1245

Ta Matou Matakite, Ma te huruhuru, te manu ka rere, Körero ia rä, ia rä, ia rä. He kona mai.